Feb 14, 2011

The latest masterpiece of Allejandro Gonzales Innarítu. From the man who brought the trilogy of death, ’21 grams’ and ‘babel’, comes the beautiful pictures from someone’s life.
Uxbal, a spanish who smuggling chinese immigrants and producing piracy stuff is a father of a daughter and a son. Having separated from his bipolar personality wife, he struggled his way to earn a living for them. He also has a unique gift, the ability to speak and communicate with the dead.
After being deemed to have a prostate cancer, he realize in the bitter truth that his life won’t be long to end. Now he must face his fear and to let go all thing that he hold, and take care of everything left behind.
While he has a good heart and conciousness, life haven’t been too nice to him, leaving everything he do more out of control and time is running out.
In the end, all he could do is just to let go, and subdued with it.
The beautiful memories of everything that passed on in a life is all that matters when you are about to leave this world.
And that is all that matters, the others are just a burden.
Innarítu came up with another emotional and visionary life and death experiences for everyone. And for that, he just got my two thumbs up.

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