Season of The Witch

Feb 4, 2011

Nicolas Cage (behmen) and Ron Perlman (felson) were team up to fight the demon in the crusade era.

They’re crusaders that on a run from their holy mission of crusades that they’d pledged their life into. While on the way they were captured in a city which land was being attacked by a deadly plague.
The plague was considered by the authority to be caused by witch. And there’s a witch on the prison need to be delivered to the abbey in the city of severac, across the woods. So the imprisoned behmen and felson agreed to make agreement to escort them to severac, with the conditions that the witch will be given a fair trial in severac and full pardon on all their sanctions.
On the way to severac with a priest, a knight, a guide and an altar boy, behmen and felson found out that this simple mission to be their last.
I always like this kind of movie. A cult, historical european style.
Just like ‘the 13th warrior’, ‘kingdom of heaven’, ‘van helsing’, ‘solomon kane’, ‘clash of the titans’, ‘300’, ‘the lord of the rings’, and ‘gladiators’. Fantasy or history based stories, swords and arrows, mythicals and legends, shining shields and armor, barbaric and heroic, devilry and godly, are what they have in common.
Season of the witch was superb. To bring back the emotion of fantasy and mythology in our memories.
Oh yeah, one more thing (spoiler alert), when felson duel with kay, behmen told felson to go easy on the kid, and to use the other hand. So felson did use the other hand, which was left. But the truth is, Perlman is a left-handed.

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