The Mechanic

The Mechanic

Feb 5, 2011

Jason Statham is one of my favourite actors. For his cool bad boy appearance, his british accent, and of course he has a great body.
Statham is Arthur Bishop, a mechanic (a specific and one of a kind hitman, who do a high risk job with specific plan and clean execution). He was forced to kill his friend who also his mentor, harry after he was being told that harry is a traitor. After the killing however, he felt uneasy and harry’s son, steven came into Bishop’s life.
Steven asked Bishop to teach him everything that his father had taught Bishop, in order to have a way with revenge (in which steven still doesn’t know that Bishop was his father’s killer). Steven’s first killing was not clean, he did it very dirty and out of control.
The second one, they did it together but things went out of the plan. The mission went in a shooting parade.
Later on he found from another so called dead mechanic, that he was been set up to kill Harry and now it’s time for him to get out of the way. After disposed 2 group of killers sent out to hunt him down, he and steven went to pay the man behind all of this a visit. Steven had learned that his father’s killer was Bishop after all, and try to find his vengeance a way.

The movie was good, as always Statham played ot cool. A classy and professional hitman. But there were some flaws that concerning his way of killing. So much for clean executions. Some of Statham’s methods were not swift and clean and deadly. Well, at least he should use silencer.

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