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Feb 14, 2011

The latest masterpiece of Allejandro Gonzales Innarítu. From the man who brought the trilogy of death, ’21 grams’ and ‘babel’, comes the beautiful pictures from someone’s life.
Uxbal, a spanish who smuggling chinese immigrants and producing piracy stuff is a father of a daughter and a son. Having separated from his bipolar personality wife, he struggled his way to earn a living for them. He also has a unique gift, the ability to speak and communicate with the dead.
After being deemed to have a prostate cancer, he realize in the bitter truth that his life won’t be long to end. Now he must face his fear and to let go all thing that he hold, and take care of everything left behind.
While he has a good heart and conciousness, life haven’t been too nice to him, leaving everything he do more out of control and time is running out.
In the end, all he could do is just to let go, and subdued with it.
The beautiful memories of everything that passed on in a life is all that matters when you are about to leave this world.
And that is all that matters, the others are just a burden.
Innarítu came up with another emotional and visionary life and death experiences for everyone. And for that, he just got my two thumbs up.


The Mechanic

The Mechanic

Feb 5, 2011

Jason Statham is one of my favourite actors. For his cool bad boy appearance, his british accent, and of course he has a great body.
Statham is Arthur Bishop, a mechanic (a specific and one of a kind hitman, who do a high risk job with specific plan and clean execution). He was forced to kill his friend who also his mentor, harry after he was being told that harry is a traitor. After the killing however, he felt uneasy and harry’s son, steven came into Bishop’s life.
Steven asked Bishop to teach him everything that his father had taught Bishop, in order to have a way with revenge (in which steven still doesn’t know that Bishop was his father’s killer). Steven’s first killing was not clean, he did it very dirty and out of control.
The second one, they did it together but things went out of the plan. The mission went in a shooting parade.
Later on he found from another so called dead mechanic, that he was been set up to kill Harry and now it’s time for him to get out of the way. After disposed 2 group of killers sent out to hunt him down, he and steven went to pay the man behind all of this a visit. Steven had learned that his father’s killer was Bishop after all, and try to find his vengeance a way.

The movie was good, as always Statham played ot cool. A classy and professional hitman. But there were some flaws that concerning his way of killing. So much for clean executions. Some of Statham’s methods were not swift and clean and deadly. Well, at least he should use silencer.



Feb 8, 2011

Pada awalnya g ga begitu terlalu niat untuk nonton film Andy Lau ini. Secara g pribadi ga terlalu suka akting Andy Lau. Dia akan lebih cocok bermain film dengan tema modern.
Tapi karena banyak mendengar kabar bahwa film ini bagus dan selalu ramai penonton, terpancinglah rasa keingintahuan g. So akhirnya g nonton juga, film yang bertemakan salah satu perguruan bela diri dan filosofi agama terbesar di dunia.
Menceritakan tentang bagaimana seorang jenderal kejam yang menemukan kedamaian dan pertobatan di tengah-tengah penderitaannya dan dosanya.
Walaupun ia telah menemukan kedamaian, ia tetap harus menghadapi dampak perbuatannya di masa lalu demi menciptakan kedamaian di bumi dan menyelamatkan banyak orang. Yang pada akhirnya, dengan jalan sang Buddha ia meluruskan jalan orang yang tersesat dan menutup hidupnya di telapak tangannya.

Di dalam cerita ditunjukkan banyak sekali ajaran Buddha tentang kehidupan, bagaimana menjalani suka duka dalam hidup dan menelaahnya sebagai suatu berkah dan cobaan. Dan pada akhirnya menang atau kalah bukanlah yang mengambil keputusan tetapi mengenai pilihan yang diambil. Cerita tentang kehancuran kuil Shaolin tetapi juga kebangkitan Shaolin dalam masing-masing hati pengikutnya.

The Way Back

The Way Back

Feb 3, 2011

Did i tell you that i like true story, didn’t i?
And this movie is one of the many. It’s inspired by the real story of Gulag’s prisoners (a prison in siberia) escaped from it through snowblind and siberian highland across the mongolian dessert into the himalayan mountain.

A story about survival, through the hard terrains, killing weathers, starving death, and failing hope.
At last after the long walk, they arrived in India. For over 6000 km long.

Season of The Witch

Feb 4, 2011

Nicolas Cage (behmen) and Ron Perlman (felson) were team up to fight the demon in the crusade era.

They’re crusaders that on a run from their holy mission of crusades that they’d pledged their life into. While on the way they were captured in a city which land was being attacked by a deadly plague.
The plague was considered by the authority to be caused by witch. And there’s a witch on the prison need to be delivered to the abbey in the city of severac, across the woods. So the imprisoned behmen and felson agreed to make agreement to escort them to severac, with the conditions that the witch will be given a fair trial in severac and full pardon on all their sanctions.
On the way to severac with a priest, a knight, a guide and an altar boy, behmen and felson found out that this simple mission to be their last.
I always like this kind of movie. A cult, historical european style.
Just like ‘the 13th warrior’, ‘kingdom of heaven’, ‘van helsing’, ‘solomon kane’, ‘clash of the titans’, ‘300’, ‘the lord of the rings’, and ‘gladiators’. Fantasy or history based stories, swords and arrows, mythicals and legends, shining shields and armor, barbaric and heroic, devilry and godly, are what they have in common.
Season of the witch was superb. To bring back the emotion of fantasy and mythology in our memories.
Oh yeah, one more thing (spoiler alert), when felson duel with kay, behmen told felson to go easy on the kid, and to use the other hand. So felson did use the other hand, which was left. But the truth is, Perlman is a left-handed.


Boogie - el aceitoso!

Jan 26, 2011

It’s bloody comical! Yes indeed. Boogie is a movie based on comic series with the same title from argentina. It tells a story about a hard-time world war veteran named boogie, who has been doing his time as a re known hitman.
The graphic is somewhat different, from the mainstream. It’s like Goons but in a messed up way. And obviously, this animated surely was made simple. With deep violence and harsh language, boogie was surely not for kids. That’s explained the 17+ Rating stamp on the ticket.
Yet the comedy lies upon sarcasm and ironic behaviour in the scenes and kinda hiperbolism in many events.

The Town

The Town

Jan 24, 2011

The devil’s circle. No matter where you go, what you do, who you hang with, you still end up in that same shit hole. Cause it’s define you, it’s where you came from, it’s what made you.
Doug MacRay, a local truck and bank robbers of Charlestown (the highest statistic of bank robberies and heist town in the US) found himself in a position to change his life after met Clare, who works as a bank manager at the bank that he and his friends robbed. Instead of running away and leaving everything behind he had to pulled another robberies in ‘fenway park’. Then things get awry and killed 2 of his friends and at the end, his brother Jem was gunned down in the middle of the street by the feds after boldly refused to surrender.

This movie is classic, the style and the story like this i always like. And i kind a bit surprised to see that affleck was directing in. Well, i’m not sure if this was his first movie or not, but one thing for sure, he’s gonna be a great director someday.